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Full Motion Wall Mount for Sonos ONE Black

Full Motion Wall Mount for Sonos ONE Black

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Full Motion Wall Mount for Sonos ONE Black

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  • Upside down mounting

  • Swivel 60° ( 30° right/ 30° left), tilt 0°-20° down

  • Slide-in mounting and integrated spirit level

  • Includes all necessary mounting materials



Developed to get the best out of your Sonos
Cavus introduces a new wall mount, specially designed for your Sonos ONE.
A modest but reliable design to keep the focus on your Sonos ONE. High-quality and durable materials guarantee its robustness.
A new and improved design enables it to mount your Sonos ONE in a variety of mounting possibilities.
The full motion feature helps you to adjust your Sonos ONE into the perfect angle.
Do you want to mount your Sonos ONE higher up? Just place your Sonos ONE upside down and keep access to its controls.
Close to the wall, Upside-down , Swivel and Tilt. This Full motion wall mount does it all.

Designed to keep it simple
The New Sonos ONE mount is ready to be installed.
No need to visit the hardware shop, the wall mount comes with all necessary mounting materials.
Mounting your Sonos ONE will be a piece of cake .
First you mount the wall part to the wall. (an integrated spirit level helps you to keep it level)
Then you mount the Full motion part or the Fixed (34mm close to the wall) part to your Sonos ONE.
Simply slide your Sonos ONE on the wall part and place it into the position of your preference.

Fischer UX Universal plug
Our new Cavus wall mounts are included with " universal Fischer plugs".
The UX plug's unigue design enables it to be used in almost all building materials.
In solid building materials the plug expands, while in materials with cavities it knots in on itself.
Unbeatable performance in almost all building materials, with no special tools required for installation.

  • Upside down mounting
  • Swivel 60° ( 30° right/ 30° left)
  • Tilt 0°-20° down
  • Fixed close to the wall 34mm bracket included

  • Let's get the best out of your Sonos ONE